About us

It was mainly formed to ensure the sustainability and continuous existence of the small towns water systems in Ghana. The Association seeks to coordinate the activities of all Small Towns Water Supply Systems in relation to Donors, Government and all other Stakeholders in Ghana. It seeks to protect the consuming public from water-borne diseases by ensuring that all members produce water strictly in line with agreed guidelines and regulations.

Our Association

The Association engages in Research and Training for member water systems' staff. It undertakes technical, administrative, financial and mechanical support services to member towns .. Read more


This is a registered umbrella organisation of all mechanised Small Towns Water Systems in Ghana formed in July 2005 with active membership across the regions of Ghana ..Read more

Our Services

This Association was formed in February 2005 by Technical Managers and Accountants of Small Towns Water Systems in Ghana. It was registered with the Registrar-General's Department and ..Read more


We 're formed by the Technical Managers, Accountants and Staff of the systems to work on water sustainability across the country The Association mobilized its members to ..Read more